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Sis, accept your flowers!

My name is Kris Kaylin and I struggle with accepting my flowers. Am I aware of my accomplishments? Of course! Am I proud of myself? Absolutely! But deep down I have a fear of what people think. Will people think I'm full of myself? Will they think I'm boastful? Will they hate me for shouting myself out? It's crazy how I allowed people to reflect their insecurities on me, or flat out tried to stop my shine. I could go into a deep dive talking about what happened, but why water that narrative? I'm unlearning those behaviors and surrounding myself with people that support me whole heartedly and encourage me to pop my shit. If your tribe doesn't make you feel like Beyoncé when you accomplish something big or small. FIND A NEW TRIBE. Or maybe that just my love language. Hahaha

Outfit details: Dress Fashion Nova, Shoes: Public Desire, Purse: Telfar Global

Back to the task at hand! On Sunday, September12th, 2021 I was honored at the 7th Annual BBWIW (Beautiful Boss Women in White) located at Your Signature Hall and Events (owned by Michelle Summers, Black Woman Boss) the space was decorated so beautifully. Kendra Logan, founder of BBWIW, is a motivational speaker with a amazing spirit and awesome energy! The event was all about networking and meeting awesome women. We were greeted by multiple vendors and the soundtrack provided by Ms. Sease The DJ. All vendors for the event were Black women!

When Kendra reached out to me telling me I would be honored I was truly taken aback, like me? You wanna honor me? (I told yall I'm working on accepting my flowers.) I received the Beautiful Boss on the Rise Award. I felt like I received a Grammy, this wasn't an honor I nominated myself for, someone thought I was deserving that's what made this moment extra special. Yes, I cried tears of joy because I was truly overwhelmed. According to statistics within my own family I shouldn't be where I am. Not only am I here, I'm thriving! Accept your flowers when people give them to you. Don't down play it. You worked hard and you deserve to be recognized. PERIOD.

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