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Puff, Puff, GLOW

When people think about the cannabis industry there are a lot of unnecessary stigma's that surround it. Especially in the South, but cannabis isn't all about high. I hosted Charlamange Tha God's 5th Annual Back to School give-a-way in August, it featured a ton of local vendors. I walked up to a table that had a hemp plant staged in front of the table. If that's not a conversation starter I don't know what is. I had the pleasure of meeting the FIRST African American Woman Hemp/Cannabis Famer, Sheena Myers, CEO of GenoType INC. She was beyond knowledgeable and exuded so much confidence. I didn't know what I wanted to buy but I knew I wanted to support her! I purchased the CBD Sugar Lip Scrub and CBD Lip Balm. Both are made with raw cannabis flower and CBD Oil. No cap, after one use I could see results, I even messaged her to make sure I wasn't trippin'. She confirmed that I wasn't. My lips were softer and lighter. I've added it to my daily routine.

After making the connection Sheena sent me two more items. The Extra Strength CBD Glow and the Genotype Face Toner. Personally, my skin is extremely sensitive so I'm always hesitant when I'm sent facial products. Let's be clear, my face and my voice are my money makers so I can't use a product that will jeopardize that. To my pleasant surprise the product was so light and it smelled like it was made by a black woman. So let's get into it, if you deal with dark spots and hyperpigmentation, the Extra Strength Glow is perfect for you! I've been using is for a week and I'm excited to see what my dark spots look like once I get to the end of the bottle.

The Genotype face toner is the perfect cleanser (normally I use Urban SkinRX but I feel like this is a good substitute) the main ingredient is cannabis oil along with natural goodies that will give your a natural and permanent glow. The smell is AMAZING the consistency is thick, but not to heavy. If you are considering switching up your routine or trying something new I would definitely recommend these products.

GENOType offer's an array of products on the website, eczema soap bars, acne serum, black soap, and more. All of the products were created with cannabis products and love. I would like to reiterate that she is the FIRST BLACK WOMAN FARMER IN THE TRI-COUNTY AREA! Check out the website and show Sheena Myers some love! Remember, "we like the donations that jingle, but we prefer the donation that folds." (Yes, that from my favorite movie Coming to America)

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