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Geechee Goes National! Tha God's Honest Truth!

Tha God's Honest Truth premier's TONIGHT at 10:00 pm (eastern standard time) on COMEDY CENTRAL! The journey leading up to this moment has been surreal. When I was originally asked to voice the commercial I was under the impression that I was auditioning, I had no clue I booked the gig until I received an email asking me to submit my W9 form, lol. Humble child taste the grace! When I submitted my first read it was very standard, Uncle Charla called me personally, he said "The read was nice, but I want it to sound like Charleston, I want people listening to say what accent is that?!" Once I got the green light to be me, I knew I needed to do what needed to be done. When fellow Charlestonians heard it, I wanted them to be proud of that the Gullah Geechee accent that was always ridiculed. That accent is being being syndicated nationally.

When the commercial aired for the first time I couldn't believe it. My voice was being heard in multiple states, in multiple markets, on multiple networks. That's a drastic jump from being heard on the weekends in Charleston. Granted I've had 3 viral interviews but nothing beats being played consistently, with a countless amount or air time. My territory and reach was expanding at a rapid pace.

Now leading up to the world premier of Tha God's Honest Truth! I have no clue what to expect, but late night definitely needs a Black late night host. Late night TV definitely needs our culture to be represented. Uncle Charla has an insane contact list so he could've asked ANYONE to voice his show, but he asked me. He gave me an opportunity and I delivered, you cannot take things like that for granted and I will not. I am excited to announce some projects that I'm working on, but for right now the focus is THA GOD'S HONEST TRUTH PREMIERING TONIGHT AT 10 ON COMEDY CENTRAL! Join me on social media! I will be going LIVE on Instagram (@kriskaylin) and tweeting LIVE on Twitter (@thee_kriskaylin)!

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