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Diva Talk hosted by Kris Kaylin

The multi media maven Kris Kaylin is on a new journey. This time on television! Kris Kaylin stepped from behind her mic at Z93 Jamz and visited her college roots. Kris Kaylin always had the desire to host her own talk show, instead of waiting for the opportunity to come to her, she created the opportunity. She released the pilot episode for Diva Talk December 21st 2021 that was filmed at her aunt's house in Johns Island. Directed by Art of Daniel, November for 2021.

When thinking about the air date for this show, Kris Kaylin knew that a holiday show would fit the timeline that she was thinking about. This episode was Kris Kaylin's favorite holiday item. (Yes, like Oprah's favorite things.) Friends supporting friends was a huge take away from this pilot episode. "I wanted to use my platform to highlight my fabulous peers." stated Kris Kaylin. Longtime friend and hair stylist Breanna Minus debuted her tape in hair extension line for natural girls, Caprica White presented her fabulous holiday clothing line from Profasionally Chic and Rashanda Grant of The Carolina Cookery showed us how to make the perfect holiday cocktail! Kris Kaylin believes in educating and entertaining at the same time so Dr. Kimberly Butler of Roper St. Francis dunked rumors about COVID and gave the viewers real facts. Although Kris Kaylin is a music enthusiast the pilot episode did not feature any musical acts. “Music will always be my top priority and it will be included in its future episodes. However, I want to use my platform to highlight all the gems that I encounter, not exclusively to music artist.”

With raving reviews from the pilot episode of Diva Talk Kris Kaylin is back at the drawing board with new ideas for her show. "I know it will take a few episodes before I get it exactly where I want it to be, but I'm elated that I have something to work with." The pilot episode only featured women as guests but the show is open to everyone! If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring an episode of Diva Talk, email

Shyderia Henderson of Shy's Event Planning- set design,

Breanna Minus of Phairless Co- Hair Stylist

Caprica White of P.Chic- Wardrobe

Elisa Coaxum and Kayla Holmes -Make up.

Kris was beyond thankful to her aunt Carolyn Cain that allowed her to use her home as the Diva Talk backdrop.


Dr. Kimberly Butler Willis of Roper St. Francis

Chef Rashanda Grant of The Carolina Cookery

Breanna Minus, Owner of Phairless Hair Co. Tape in Extensions

Capricia White, Owner of Profashionally Chic

This episode is sponsored by: Play 2 Win Entertainment

Click this link to watch the full episode of Diva Talk!

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